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Networld, Inc. is a subsidiary of DGG Holdings, Ltd., a holding company that operates in the global business-to-business travel and tourism industry sector.

Networld, Inc. (a trademarked entity) is DGG Holding’s best-known subsidiary. DGG Holdings, Ltd. is a privately held holding company that owns and operates businesses in the travel and leisure segment of the global economy. Over twenty years in existence, we have built businesses that are international in scope, and we have invested in exciting new ventures that are at the cutting edge of their fields.

DGG Holdings, Ltd. and Networld, Inc. have companies and partners in the following areas of the global business and leisure travel marketplace:

  • Hotel Industry
  • Airline Industry
  • Meetings Management Industry
  • Hospitality Consulting Industry

Our companies focus on industry niches in order to maintain distinct competitive advantages, as well as to provide focused and customized service to our valued international customers.

DGG Holdings, Ltd.’s and Networld, Inc.’s companies include Networld Communications, International Business Partners, Ltd. (IBP) , as well as Netex, Inc. We also have significant investments in several partner companies, including in StarCite, Inc., and we also trade, with permission, under the particular names of certain of our airline client partners. To learn more about us and/or some of our partner companies, click on any one of the following links:

To find out more about how we can assist you, please contact us at or at the following address:

Networld, Inc.
A DGG Holdings, Ltd. Company
89 Headquarters Plaza,
North Tower, Suite 1420
Morristown, NJ 07960
Phone: 1-800-992-3411 or +1 (973) 884-7474
Fax: +1 (973) 884-1711

Networld, Inc. is a subsidiary of DGG Holdings, Ltd.

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