What can we do for airline partners?

what can we do

Airline Representation

We dramatically increase your sales in North America, and we provide unparalleled service to your valued passengers. With only a select few airline partners, we are able to give our full attention and to provide the highest quality customer service to you and your passengers.


  • Q  Sales team all over North America (internal & through partner companies)
  • Q  Seasoned and highly experienced reservations and ticketing team
  • Q  Fully computerized, state-of-the art reservation capabilities
  • Q  Ongoing retailer, wholesaler, consolidator & tour operator relations



  • Q  Formal product and market analysis, custom-prepared for our carrier partners on regular basis
  • Q  Marketing and ad campaigns through the internet,  print media, email, as well as other cutting-edge social media.



  • Q  Dedicated phone lines with 800 (toll free) numbers for your passengers
  • Q  Dedicated fax line for agents and industry partners
  • Q  Sophisticated phone system with carrier-dedicated answering capabilities during business and non-business hours, as well as during public holidays.



  • Q  Continuously renovated deluxe office, complete with board room and conference rooms
  • Q  Professional Call Center personnel to answer all incoming calls during business hours
  • Q  Dedicated e-mail address for airline passengers
  • Q  Dedicated email address for airline partners


In short, everything we do is about dramatically increasing
your sales in North America.  

For more information please contact us.

Mr. Davor Gjivoje
Email: Networld@networldinc.com

Phone: 908-675-0080

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