Dear Clients and Friends,

Thank you for your interest in Netex Corporation. Netex is a division of the Networld Group, and as such, it partakes in the privileges, good reputation and valuable resources of its holding company.

For over two decades, the Networld Group has been operating globally in Hotel Development projects. We believe that the development of the Netex brand has sharpened our focus in the hotel sector by enhancing our global positioning and by bringing more successful opportunities to our hotel industry partners and clients. Since you have expressed your interest in finding out more about Netex, please allow me to share with you our mission, vision, strategies and goals that are repeatedly used by our people across the world.

Our mission is to be the most effective global enterprise serving the hospitality industry. Indeed, our goal is to be a highly specialized company in the area of Hotel Development, providing the hospitality industry with profitable, quality hotel and resort development. We strive to provide Hotel Owners with the most professional advice and assistance in achieving their corporate objectives. Through the use of our expertise, proven track record and valuable global relationships, Netex provides Hotel Owners in securing the best available hotel operating partners and solutions. Lastly, and most significantly, Netex personnel and Netex services provide hospitality communities all over the world with easy access to and successful deals with the most recognizable hospitality brands in the world.

In short, we are “Catalysts in the Hospitality Industry,” and without a good catalyst, it is often much more difficult and expensive to reach a desired goal.

On behalf of Netex and its people, I wish you all the success and the most pleasant collaboration with Netex.

-Davor G Gjivoje

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